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DockerCon EU - Containers 101 Workshop

At Virginia Tech and the local Docker Blacksburg Meetup, we've been running a Docker 101 Series (linked here) that has been quite successful! It has helped many folks get up and started with containers. Due to its success, we were asked if we could run a workshop at DockerCon using the same content! Sure thing!

I was fortunate to work with Ell Marquez (@ell_o_punk) from Linux Academy, who is leading an entire community that's trying to learn about containers together! She did a fantastic job and I look forward to opportunities to collaborate in the future.

The instructors together


Being new to containers can feel like sitting in front of a firehose and trying to drink all of the water coming at you. Especially here at DockerCon! If you feel that way, no worries! This workshop is for you! In this workshop, we're going to dive into what containers and images actually are and some best practices around them, how to use volumes and port mappings, and how to run multi-service applications. There will be quite a few hands-on opportunities, as well as training from some of our Docker Captains. You won't want to miss this! Please note that this workshop will not talk about orchestration or running containers in production (monitoring, logging, etc.), as there are other workshops solely focused on these topics.