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DockerCon EU - App-in-a-Box with Docker App

I had the great opportunity to speak at DockerCon EU in Barcelona! It was a great time (follow-up post coming)! We've been able to do some incredible things with Docker App, so it is a great opportunity to share some of the things we've learned!

We also announced DevDock, which is our experimental tool to help make Docker App even easier for local development. Feel free to try it out!

Talk Selfie


Docker Application Packages is an experimental tool that makes it easy to share multi-service applications. Create a Compose file, package it in an image, and voilà! You now have an "app-in-a-box"! Not convinced yet? No worries! It took a while for me to be convinced too! In this session, we'll start off by diving into how Docker Application Packages actually works, which will help us understand the use cases. We'll see how dev environments can hook in to this app-in-a-box by replacing the service being worked on with a dev container. Then we'll move on to see how end-to-end functional tests are much easier to run. And, finally, we'll see how to maintain an "app-in-a-box" with the latest versions of each component in a CI/CD pipeline, allowing for a unique app-in-a-box for each feature branch under development. Lots of good material! And lots of live demos!!

Video Recording

Coming Soon!