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DockerCon 2019 - Containers for Beginners

I had the great opportunity to speak at DockerCon 2019 in San Francisco! I had a great time catching up with friends, talking to many folks, and working with several folks from the Docker engineering team!

Talk Selfie

Dino Fun!

My talk was also selected as one of the "replay" talks, so I was able to redo it on Thursday morning. Since that day isn't recorded, I decided to have some fun! And what better way to start a talk than going in a dino suit?

Dino Talk


Feeling overwhelmed while getting started with containers? Have you been tasked to figure out how to train everyone back at your organization? There's just so much to learn and teach! In this talk, we’ll start with a tiny bit of history to motivate the "why" and quickly move into the "what" by explaining what container and images actually are (they're not just magical black boxes!). We'll talk about how volumes help with data persistence and include an overview of Docker Compose and even orchestration. There will be plenty of live demos and fun!

Video Recording