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    DockerCon 2019 - Containers for Beginners

    Feeling overwhelmed while getting started with containers? Have you been tasked to figure out how to train everyone back at your organization? There's just so much to learn and teach! In this talk, we’ll start with a tiny bit of history to motivate the "why" and quickly move into the "what" by explaining what container and images actually are (they're not just magical black boxes!). We'll talk about how volumes help with data persistence and include an overview of Docker Compose and even orchestration. There will be plenty of live demos and fun!

    12-Factor App Overview

    Developing applications is tough. Especially in the ever-changing environments. We have local development. QA validation. Pre-prod/staging. Production. But, how do we ensure our applications work the same everywhere? While containers help out, they aren't the only thing to keep in mind. The folks at Heroku, in 2011, published "The Twelve-Factor App", which has become the standard for building cloud-native applications.

    DockerCon EU - App-in-a-Box with Docker App

    Docker App is an experimental tool that makes it easy to share multi-service applications. Create a Compose file, package it in an image, and voilà! You now have an "app-in-a-box"! Not convinced yet? No worries! It took a while for me to be convinced too! In this session, we'll start off by diving into how Docker App actually works, which will help us understand the use cases. We'll see how dev environments can hook in to this app-in-a-box by replacing the service being worked on with a dev container. Then we'll move on to see how end-to-end functional tests are much easier to run. And, finally, we'll see how to maintain an "app-in-a-box" with the latest versions of each component in a CI/CD pipeline, allowing for a unique app-in-a-box for each feature branch under development. Lots of good material! And lots of live demos!

    DockerCon EU - Containers 101 Workshop

    Being new to containers can feel like sitting in front of a firehose and trying to drink all of the water coming at you. Especially here at DockerCon! If you feel that way, no worries! This workshop is for you! In this workshop, we're going to dive into what containers and images actually are and some best practices around them, how to use volumes and port mappings, and how to run multi-service applications. There will be quite a few hands-on opportunities, as well as training from some of our Docker Captains. You won't want to miss this! Please note that this workshop will not talk about orchestration or running containers in production (monitoring, logging, etc.), as there are other workshops solely focused on these topics.